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We at Soulpal Swiss Shop are proud to have you as one of our humble clients willing to confide in our services and products. We appreciate that you put your trust in us. Apparently, we would like to narrate to you through this written consent of how we handle and run our business so as to create a mutual understanding between us and our customers relations hence avoid future disputes or misunderstandings that may arise due to misinformation or less informed issues. Legally, Soulpal Swiss Shop is a retail online shop owned, managed, and claimed by SOULPAL Omarion Sole Proprietorship, A company founded and owned  solely to Ian Vutage Kea Omarion whereas, registered in Switzerland with a purpose to Marketing, Digital Transactions, Websites and Apps buildings, Social Media Marketing and rights to ownerships of Online Shops that handles products including but not limited to, Clothes, Shoes and Accessories.

As an Online Shop, SOULPAL Swiss Shop offers products catalogues that are programmed by special, partnered drop shipping Companies who together links up SOULPAL Swiss Shop with partnered Online Suppliers from all over the world who come together via the online dropshipping website to offer you online business solutions that include you as customer being able to visit SOULPAL Swiss Shop online website and peruse through our products and Analyse, select and decides to confide in our services and products hence making a purchase although We only act solely as the display shop but not having physical connections with the warehouse that handles the real product or service purchased including but not limited to, the shipping solutions and time 

span. In Short, SOULPAL Swiss Shop operates as a display shop for the products you wish to purchase but the company that handles the warehouses and shipping procedures until you get the product you purchased, is other dropshipping suppliers  that work remotely with Soulpal Swiss Shop at a special online linking dropshipping suppliers and retailers products online platform that creates the APIs that links directly products from online suppliers Webshops to Online retail webshops. Here at SOULPAL Swiss Shop what you purchase is in retail basis hence the products you purchased are in Order status at SOULPAL Swiss Shop but the shipping and owners of the products are the suppliers that offered us the display on our Webshop hence the time span in sending of your products depends more on the suppliers rather than us at SOULPAL Swiss Shop so please always have a little patience if a delay occurs as mostly the products will reach you on time if there was no inevitable issues.  More over returns may have some complicating issues and at times some charges will be deducted if certain products are returned especially when the products is shipped from outside Europe as this usually may lead to 2 weeks in business days awaits if needs arises. Moreover , any client willing to wait for their products even though the delay is caused by our suppliers may get some compensation from us when we self concerned of your restlessness but we have full right to denie to give any compensation from us and the compensation is not a payment rather than just a well gesture to our time mismanagement’s between suppliers shipping solutions. We only give the incentives whenever we solely decide possible or fair but no binding contract nor rights give any customer to demand judicially for any compensation whosoever from us due to delays or any other reasons that may arise.


Imagine you made a purchase right now at SOULPAL Swiss Shop, then this is what will happen:

After confirming payment with your payment account we at SOULPAL Swiss Shop , The Supplier of the Product , The Dropshipping website and our Webshop developer we all be notified of the purchase and your full payment sum will be made solely available to SOULPAL Swiss Shop accounts. Once the full payment sum is available to us then we will obliged to making an order payment to the supplier via the dropshipping platform so as to fulfill your order. Once the payment is confirmed by our suppliers then the suppliers will be notified by their banking systems and promptly they will start the procedure of packaging and distribution including shipping of the product directly to your address and NOT TO SOULPAL Swiss Shop hence you get the product directly from the producers and designers of the products. Anyway sometimes our suppliers may tend to be also not really the producers rather only reselling from producing suppliers and this may lead mostly to delays as also them rely mostly on the swift shipping solutions of their producers 

SOULPAL SWISS SHOP EFFORTS is, to offer you a selective bunch of certain products and services at very special negotiable prices that SOULPAL Swiss Shop negotiates with the suppliers so as to bring you cheaper products at an ease and make you stand out with our line of fashion imagination hence most of our catalogs display or products display preparation, online contents or edits including 90% of the displayed contents are provided to us via Our partnered online dropshipping platform in APIs links that link the products online information from suppliers to our Webshop. Fashion is a way of life and once you follow certain shops trends or maybe buy your clothes from any of your favorite shops in town then you may have acquired the visions and fashion styles of the designers in the shops you purchase. Remember any Fashion shop must have the one choosing the trends and fashions that will be sold in their shops and mainly this is left to a the manager or designer. When mostly who brings the fashions to your favorite shop in town is manager then that may mean you confide in their fashion sense. So we are pleased mostly when you confide with our HOUSE TOO. 

SOULPAL as a brand is also offering products solely manufactured limitedly for SOULPAL SWISS SHOP please refer label

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