Engine and Battery
Sponge Explorer has a powerful 36V electric engine that can drive up to 25 km / h. It can drive up the city hills too. The scooter has a high capacity battery that will allow you to travel up to 25km so you can safely ride your scooter to work or around the city. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge it.

Travel with Sponge Explorer unrestricted, the scooter folds in seconds and weighs only 10.5 kg. It will fit easily in the trunk of your car, elevator or public transport. Use cruise control to make the drive more comfortable.

Sponge Explorer rear shock absorber gives you more comfort when driving on a dirt road. For maximum braking efficiency, this Sponge Scooter has an electric brake on the steering wheel and a mechanical brake on the rear wheel of the scooter.

LCD Display
All the information will be visible on the scooter on the bright LCD screen. The display shows speed, battery charge status and speed mode.

3 Speed modes
The scooter has 3 speed modes so you can set 1 speed mode for children and less experienced drivers, and select 3 for faster driving.

USB charging output
When your mobile phone runs out of battery, you can charge it from the USB charger output on the scooter.

Night ride?
The scooter is perfect for a night drive, because it has a built-in LED headlamp and a rear reflector that blinks while driving.

Dashboard on your phone (application)

Download the Sponge Explorer (SpongePro) application on your phone. Here you will be able to see the scooter speed, driven distance, current trip distance, battery level and how many kilometers you can run with the remaining battery. You can also change scooter speed modes in the application.
Apple (IOS) phone application name – SpongePro
Android phone application name – Sponge Explorer

Sponge Explorer Electric Scooter

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