No Traffic jams, perfect for cities
Sponge City is a foldable electric vehicle, ideal for the city. It will allow you to reach work, home or any other place without traffic jams. This compact vehicle will fit into an elevator, public transport and the trunk of your car. Enjoy your ride and when you arrive just fold it and take it to your place for charging. The rear 250W hub motor is powered by powerful 8.8-AH lithium-ion battery which is located between the frame tubes under the seat. Fully charged battery powers the bike for an estimated 20-40 kilometres of range. You will find LED battery level indicator on the right handle bar. The charging process takes around 3 hours for a full charge with the included wall charger.

Easy to ride
Riding this vehicle is very easy – just turn the ignition ON by turning the key to the right side and press the accelerator on the right handle bar and you will start to ride. Steering is same as on a normal bicycle. You can also use automatic acceleration mode by pressing green button on the left handle bar, after pressing it your vehicle will run on your latest speed, if you press the brakes it will automatically turn off speed control mode. Now you will be able to relax easier as you ride your vehicle and reach your destination faster.

Modern and portable design will let you transport the Sponge City wherever you like. Make your travel more interesting – when folded, the vehicle will easily fit into the trunk of your car, so you can bring it on your vacation, visit a friend abroad of simply ride it down town.

It’s getting dark outside, don’t worry, Sponge City has powerful front light which will help you to see the road while back light will make you visible for other riders, and inform them when you press the brakes. Front light can be turned ON/OFF by a button on the left handle bar.

Sponge City has 12” inflatable wheels, you can easily inflate them with a standard car air pump connector. High efficiency front and rear disc brakes will let you feel safe in any weather conditions. You will find brake bars on the steering wheel.

No matter if you are tall or short, you can adjust the seat length to find your perfect position. Rain resistant, PU leather seat is soft and comfortable so it will help you to feel good during lots of kilometres on this vehicle.

Ride City Electric Scooter

SKU: msp-spc0000001